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About Us

About Us

America the Awesome is a brand of Bivona Digital Inc. built to show off just how awesome America really is.

We don’t promise complete “balance” since we’re unabashedly pro-America, but we promise the following:


We cite all relevant sources, and have all stories go through an editorial process to keep mistakes down to a minimum.

We don’t use edited or misleading images, and all quotes will be replicated accurately and in their appropriate context.


We will always pick the best sources for a story, which is usually the original source. The only exceptions are if another source…

  1. Provides fuller context to the story
  2. Significantly enhances the story with more pictures/videos/media/etc.
  3. Provides the most comprehensive overview of a story with disparate sources

In the event that an original source is unreliable, we will fact-check the important pieces of information and add appropriate warnings and disclaimers should they be necessary.


In the unlikely event that a conflict of interest comes up, we’ll let you know at the top of the article.

When there’s a major factual error with a story, we will issue a correction at the top of the article.

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If you see a story that needs correcting, let us know at

If there’s something wrong with the site itself, let us know at

And for all other inquiries, reach out to us at