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Bush Family Lays Down the Law on Anti-Trumpers at George H.W. Bush’s Funeral

Sen. John McCain’s funeral at the Washington National Cathedral turned into a political event when the Arizona senator’s daughter criticized President Donald Trump, who did not attend the memorial service, for his political ways.

Democrats managed to turn the funeral of Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone into another political debacle with their anti-Republican statements.

Following George H.W. Bush’s death, his family made efforts to ensure that the service, scheduled for Wednesday, would be devoid of anti-Trump sentiments, reported The Washington Post.

The Bushes have assured Trump that nobody will speak ill of him and that they want the President of the United States to be there.

“The Bush family contacted the White House this past summer to say that President Trump would be welcome at the funeral, scheduled Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral, and to assure him that the focus would be on Bush’s life rather than their disagreements, one former administration officials said,” according to WP.

“The truce with Trump allows the Bush family, and the nation, to honor the legacy of a president who guided the United States through the 1991 Persian Gulf War and the breakup of the Soviet Union without becoming mired in today’s toxic politics. Trump in turn has been effusive in his praise of Bush since his death Friday, and paid respects Monday night at the U.S. Capitol, where the 41st president is lying in state.”

A former associate of Bush told Politico that the memorial service  “will be about the celebration of the noble public service that George H.W. Bush gave. It’s not going to be about anybody else. I don’t think it’s going to be about Trump.”

“If anybody at anytime knew anything about the 41st president of the United States, they would completely and totally understand that he would welcome the current occupant 100 percent. This is the way the country says goodbye to presidents.” said the former president’s aide, according to The Washington Post.

Trump has criticized Bush on several occasions and angered his family when he belittled Bush’s son by calling him “Low-Energy Jeb.” However, the president did not fail to show respect to the 41st president and his family as he sent the presidential plane to Houston to bring Bush’s remains to Washington, D.C. The former president’s body will lie in state at U.S. Capitol until Wednesday.

The White House also made the President’s guest house available for the Bush family while they are in D.C.

On Tuesday, First Lady Melania Trump, who represented the White House at Barbara Bush’s funeral, invited Laura Bush to the White House.

“President George H.W. Bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end. He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!” said Trump.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James Hegarty

    December 5, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    As it should be. High class on both the Bush and Trump sides.

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