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Everyone’s Talking About Hillary’s Reaction When Trump Sat Near Her at Bush Funeral

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump entered the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. on Wednesday for George H.W. Bush’s funeral service. They walked down the center aisle to their seats in the front row next to former President Barrack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Upon arriving to their seats, Melania shook hands with the Obamas and former President Clinton. It also seems that she attempted to shake hands with former first lady Hillary Clinton but only waved at her since Clinton decided not to acknowledge her presence.

Trump also greeted the Obamas, however Hillary Clinton remained looking forward – apparently she still hasn’t gotten over the presidential race in 2016.

It seems that a lot of people noticed Hillary’s reaction.

However, this day wasn’t about politics or Clinton’s almost-inappropriate behavior but, about honoring the life and legacy of the late president George H.W. Bush.

The U.S. Secret Service revealed the 41st president codename, Timberwolf, by sharing a touching memory of Bush’s life.

“Everyone’s #TuesdayThoughts are on President Bush & we wanted to share a memory,” the Secret Service wrote in a tweet. “In ’13, Timberwolf learned that the 2-year-old son of an agent on his detail was diagnosed with leukemia & the detail was going to shave their heads. You can see what happened, in classic 41 manner.”

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