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Rush Limbaugh Points out Something Very Curious About H.W. Bush’s Memorial

In the wake of former President George H.W. Bush’s death, American people and prominent politicians have been paying their respects for the 41st president at U.S. Capitol. The mainstream media is among those who have praised Bush’s service to the country while covering the tributes and the ceremonies regarding his funeral.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh brought to attention the difference between the way the media treated Bush when he was president and how they act now.

” Man, oh, man, I’m watching all of this praise for George H. W. Bush. It’s unbelievable! I can’t help but wonder, where was all this when he was president? All of this love, all this admiration, all of this praise, all of this devotion. What a great guy. What he meant to civility. Where was all this? ‘Cause I’m telling you, it wasn’t there,” said Limbaugh on Tuesday.

“They literally tried to destroy the presidency of George H. W. Bush just like they’re trying to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump,” Rush said, regarding the false smear that Bush had an affair with his secretary during his campaign.

“The reason he’s being covered this way now is because he’s gone. That’s what you have to do to get respected and to be revered by the Drive-By Media. Leave, however you do it,” said Rush.

“The Drive-By Media is still churning out articles that bemoan the difference between the golden age of civility under George H. W. Bush compared to the nightmare they claim we’re suddenly experiencing under Trump,” said Rush, regarding the major media outlets.

The radio host pointed out that the establishment media attempted to ruin Bush’s reputation numerous times during his presidency.

“We long for the days when we return to civility, right? That’s what we see we have lost now with the death of George H. W. Bush. But the media never treated George H. W. Bush with civility,” he asserted.

“Isn’t it interesting how no Republican president knows how to do anything until they die, and then they become wonderful?” asked Rush.

He then indicated that it wouldn’t be surprising if the left took advantage of the recent events to further criticize President Donald Trump.

“The death of George H. W. Bush is simply the latest platform example for the Drive-Bys and other leftists to continue assaulting Donald Trump. When they humanize George H. W. Bush, it serves a purpose, that is to demonize Donald Trump,” he said.

Rush noted that an Associated Press title says, “GOP laments Bush’s death as end of ‘a culture of civility.'”

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