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Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Now Odds-On Favorite To Win, Has Message For Trump

In liberal land, gender and science are things of the past.

The first ever transgender Miss Universe is now the odds-on front-runner for the contest on December 17. Angela Ponce, 27,  is a biological man from Seville who won the 2018 Miss Universe Spain pageant. Ponce has undergone hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery to later become the first trans contestant in the Miss Universe competition.

However, according to some online bookmakers, Ponce, who has identified as female at the age of 3, is the hands-down favorite.

“As the competition nears, online bookies are taking action, and Ponce has grown to become the clear favorite with current odds of +600,” The Blast reports. “The folks at compiled their list of where all the countries currently stand. To put it in perspective, the Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers has odds of +2,000 if she wins the whole competition.”

The transgender contestant took the moment of glory to support and promote the transgender movement.

In an Interview with Time, she was asked about her message to President Donald Trump in this year’s competition, knowing that he did allow transgender contestants until 2012.

She said: “More than a message to him, it would be a win for human rights.”

“Trans women have been persecuted and erased for so long. If they give me the crown, it would show trans women are just as much women as cis women,” said Ponce.

In 2012, Miss Universe announced that transgender people would be given a chance after Canadian transgender model Jenna Talackova’s successful lawsuit, according to the Daily Mail.

In 2015, Ponce lost to Miss Barcelona Mireia Lalaguna and in 2018, she decided to run again, a competition she eventually won.

“My goal is to be a spokesperson for a message of inclusion, respect and diversity not only for the LGBTQ+ community but also for the entire world,” wrote Ponce after winning.

This was not the first time that a biological man who identifies as a woman has won a female-exclusive contest.

Caitlyn Jenner, a gold medal winner in the male Olympic decathlon, won one of Glamour’s “Women of the Year” awards in 2015. During her acceptance speech, she said: “For years and years, I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I always felt as an outsider; I never felt good in the male side, and I wasn’t obviously in the female side. I was kind of stuck in the middle.”

However, the fairness in competitions where biological males compete in a female contest is still a hot topic. This is due to the fact that males often have an advantage, especially in sports, despite undergoing hormone therapy.

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1 Comment

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