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WATCH: James Mattis’ Description of the US Military is Pure, Unadulterated Badassery…

The left cannot stop lambasting President Donald Trump and his cabinet members for everything that they do and say, which actually helps our nation to move forward. One thing they cannot do is deny that Mattis is a great Secretary of Defense.

It’s no secret that James Mattis, the current Secretary of Defense and former Marine Corps general, knows what he is doing.

During a discussion with host Bret Baier of Fox News, he talked about various things and at one point, he spoke to the strength of the US military.

“I’m not paid to be optimistic or pessimistic. I maintain a military that is second to none with the fervent hope that we won’t have to employ it, but I have no doubt about the outcome if we must,” said Mattis.

The Secretary of Defense managed to put things into perspective. The USA citizens are not violent nor are they looking for anything that isn’t theirs. However, if someone has a problem with America and decides to attack us, then the military will be more than ready to fight back.

Furthermore, it’s no surprise that the USA military is second-to-none in terms of strength as Mattis made in clear in February, “Take us on and it will be your worst day and your longest day.”

“Peace through strength” is the reason why nobody is considering to make a move against America. Foreign threats can be big or small but, it’s apparent that our national defense is strong and in the possession of the winning strategy. Thankfully, the USA has a Defense Secretary who understands what needs to be done in order to protect this country and the people in it, even though the left attempt to attack and criticize him for doing his job.

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